Gaming Glamour – MAGISEVEN Dice Set Examined with My Personal Take

When it comes to tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs), the choice of dice is a very personal matter. Dice are the tool players and GM uses the most when playing RPGs and inherently rolling is connected to the hobby with a powerful bond (check the name of the blog!).

You roll to succeed or fail (hopefully fail to progress!), you roll to deal damage, check stats and fundamentally to tell the story with potency but introducing the randomness of life into the game.

Players often celebrate the first roll of the campaign or the session. There are roll that can decide upon the most significant events of the story. We all watch them roll and expect the unexpected. That’s why you need a solid set of dice. In fact I would implore you right now to go check MAGISEVEN store and come back to read more, because it will be my look into my own MAGISEVEN set of dice.

My Dice of Choice – MAGISEVEN Labradorite Natural Gemstone

As probably many other acolytes of RPGs, I’ve been through a long way of finding a right choice for a dice set for myself. I’ve been playing with simple, $5 set for a long time. I’ve tried a heavy metal dice. More abstract and more visible. Colourful and plain. I won’t call myself a DICE HORDER, but I do have different sets for different campaigns I run and characters I play.

Your dice set can be a way to express and immerse yourself in the game.

So when I came across MAGISEVEN, I already knew that natural gemstone will be my choice. I’ve never had set like this but the promise of natural heftiness and complexity of colour had me hooked.

There are several sets from this category in their store and the fun part is, you could pick 2 same types and the dice would be different each time.

It took me about 40 seconds to find my pick – Labradorite Dice Set.

MAGISEVEN Labradorite Dice Set on D&D Dice Tray

Introducing MAGISEVEN DICE – Crafting Elegance and Quality

Team from MAGISEVEN DICE is truly dedicated to creating and deliver unique, stunning dice sets that capture the essence of magic and adventure. With a commitment to quality and style, MAGISEVEN DICE has unveiled a remarkable gemstone and glass dice sets that promises to redefine the way rolling feels at the table.

They work directly with providers that have over 15 years of experience in creating dice, which guarantees great product.

Also, what I personally love is the free shipping worldwide. A lot of great brands either don’t want to send their products abroad or the shipping doubles the cost of the product which is very discouraging.

Labradorite Dice Set in Eberron Game

The Mesmerizing Gemstone Dice Set – Unveiling Elegance

The MAGISEVEN Gemstone Dice Set is a true marvel to behold. Crafted from genuine labradorite natural gemstone, this set includes a collection of seven precision-crafted dice, each designed to enhance your gaming escapades. The set comprises a D4, D6, D8, D12, D20, and two D10s (a D10 and a D00) – an essential arsenal for any discerning tabletop adventurer. Accompanying the dice is a convenient lint bag, ensuring your treasures are always at hand.

Obviously they’re perfect for Dungeon and Dragons, but personally I’ve also used them to play Fallout TTRPG as well, so no matter what game and system you chose, the set will work with it.

Testing the Boundaries – Quality, Readability, Style, and Budget

In order to make my thoughts clear on the set, I’ve dissected the review into 4 major aspects. Quality, readability, style and budget. I know everyone has their own standards but I try to be fair and provide you with clear experience I personally had with the product.

MAGISEVEN Dice Quality

One roll with these gemstone dice, and you’ll immediately notice the superior craftsmanship. With razor-sharp edges and an impressive weight, these dice exude a level of durability and balance that is unparalleled in plastic or resin dice. Over a hundred rolls yielded consistent and fair outcomes and never even once had I a feeling there is something off about them.

Each die has a nice weight to it and even d4 feel good (personally, I hate d4!). D20 is absolutely awesome and I loved each time I’ve rolled it. Not to mention, playing my first session, in Avernus campaign, I’ve got natural 20 twice on Eldritch Blast so you know I already love those dice.

They performed well both on leather and wooden tray, as well as a table. I’m not a big fun of a dice tower, so couldn’t tell you have they behave in one. But if you like to feel the dice in your hand when you shake them, hear them rolling on the table – those gemstone dice will work great for you.

MAGISEVEN Dice Readability

Amidst the myriad attributes of dice, readability stands as very important to consider. For me, someone who is DMing 95% of time, seeing the number quickly in order to react to the game, often from standing position is super important. I would hate to make a mistake of seeing the numbers wrong and someone influence the campaign by it.

 Labradorite Dice Set 1

Fear not, for the MAGISEVEN Gemstone Dice Set excels in this aspect. The engraved numbers maintain their clarity in various lighting conditions, making them a reliable companion whether it is a sunny day or midst of the night with artificial light or even candles (I’ve been playing on my vacation time so the time and place of the games varied a lot).


Prepare to be mesmerised by the ethereal beauty of these gemstone dice. Their deep blue hue under normal light transforms into a kaleidoscope of colors when touched by the light. The intricate patterns within the labradorite add an element of wonder, making each roll a visual delight.

My d20, d12 and especially d6 have this blue opal hue coming out of the surfaces which makes them absolute treasure. These are for sure my best looking set I’ve had so far and I’m currently browsing for another set – this frosted obsidian looks dope!


While these gemstone dice are not the cheapest, their undeniable quality justifies the cost. Aiming for the perfect blend of sophistication and affordability, the MAGISEVEN Dice Set serves as an ideal option for those seeking to level up their gaming experience. The added allure of free worldwide shipping sweetens the deal, making it a compelling proposition for players worldwide.

For some of you $60+ might be a little steep, but at some point you deserve “a better set” for sure. If anything, they make a great gift idea as well, so maybe that’s the way to do it.

But if money might be a problem, hear me out!

Embark on Your Journey with MAGISEVEN – Exclusive Offer (8% off!)

For all of you readers out there in the world, I have a special treat. I’ve partnered with MAGISEVEN DICE to offer an exclusive discount of 8% on your purchase. Simply follow this link and in your purchase your code ‘BYR8‘.

Whether you’re seeking the perfect gift for a fellow gamer or treating yourself to the pinnacle of dice craftsmanship, this offer is your ticket to unlocking the magic new, awesome gem stone dice set (or glass for that matter).

MAGISEVEN Gemstone Dice Set emerges as a remarkable testament to the fusion of artistry and functionality. With impeccable quality, unmatched readability, captivating style, and a budget-conscious approach, these dice stand out as a great treat for TTRPG enthusiasts.

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