Here you can find an original D&D 5e Warlock Homebrew Subclassess, ready to use for all players.

5e Warlock Subclasses

Warlock is one of my favorite classes in Dungeon&Dragons, hands down. It has an absolutely massive capacity for role-play and fun, unique mechanics. All the available subclasses are solid, interesting choices. It is absolutely possible to play the same subclass several times and make it a unique experience each time. By picking different boons, spells and invocations, warlocks can vary from powerful spell casters to dangerous melee fighters.

Here, I introduce some new concepts to the warlock. Both add new mechanics, new flavor and options so that you can build your own perfect warlock. Below you can find those two original pacts with short description and download option.

The first one introduces an alien Warlock The Living Plane and the second a Pact of Restless Souls.

Both are available for free to download. I hope you will have fun with all of them. If you do or you have a critical feedback, please let me know.

[5e Warlock Subclass] The Living Plane

This unique warlock subclass has two exclusive paths to follow within one pact. You can play as your favorite Warlock with a new subclass The Living Plane. It allows you to enter a contract with a sentient plane and act as its liaison on Material Plane. Become a nefarious herald picking the worlds to be devoured [Devourer] or a brave explorer gathering information to fulfil the living plane’s curiosity [Explorer].

Living Planes are intelligent, timeless beings with a personality. That is to say, they are that also vast demiplanes itself, which make them a very peculiar beings. Their amorphous bodies are floating in the silvery void of Astral Plane, imprisoned by their own nature. Unable to leave, they search for every opportunity to establish some kind of connection with outside worlds. Eager, they offer lesser beings a fraction of power in exchange for servitude.

D&D 5e Homebrew Warlock Pact of The Living Plane Cover

[5e Warlock Subclass] Restless Souls

This subclass introduces a pact made with spirits stuck between worlds. Some are bound by strong emotions like unfulfilled love, need of vengeance, others linger to fulfill given word or protect someone. This warlock focuses on traveling between Material and Ethereal Planes, manipulate the environment through fear of death and possess others.

If you love stories about ghosts or you were looking for more human-like patron your character could connect with, this D&D 5e warlock homebrew subclass is for you.

You can also read this full guide on how to use Warlock Restless Souls.

Warlock Pact with Restless Souls Cover
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