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It’s time to playtest Nemesis Ranger!

Over a year ago I’ve started to work on subclass for the worst D&D 5e class. Ranger from PHB was awful and no matter how many reddit post I’ve read about why it’s a really not that bad, I could be convinced. So the motivation on creating subclass for Ranger was an ambitious one – I wanted to create a subclass that would make me want to play Ranger.

Starting from subclasses I’ve build up a quite substantial supplement with over 28 pages of content. Here is a glimpse into table of content.

Nemesis Ranger Table of Content WIP

Playtesting Registration

This post is first and foremost about finding playtesters, so if you already know you want to try Nemesis Ranger before anyone else, register through the form below. You will be able to test subclasses and some player options or statblocks in encounters – or both!

Nemesis Ranger Intro

One subclass became three – but all under the umbrella of the same fantasy. A body-modified Nemesis Ranger in three variations

  1. Apex – Fighter and Damage Dealer able to close the gaps fast and kill the target on the spot.
  2. Behemoth – Tank and Crowd-Control with a new spin on Temporary Hit Points.
  3. Thornlasher – Skirmisher and Utility option for mobile and annoying grunt running up and down the map.

Apart from three subclasses (Archetypes), I give you an option to pick from one of three spell list for this ranger. It means 9 distinctively different rangers from this one suplement.

Additionally I go in length on creating the Nemesis Ranger in your campaign or world. There are five tables and a list of questions that will help you implement the ranger in your game either as a player option or a NPC.

Nemesis Ranger Statblocks Playtesting

There is six statblocks, two for each Archetype on different CR. I start with CR3 as a decent NPC or Enemy idea and reach up to CR8. As for now, I don’t see a point to create a higher level statblocks, but hey, if that will be your feedback, we can work on that as well.

If you’re interested, jump straight into the from and fill it out –

I will be sending the playtesting material next week!

If you’re not big on playtesting but would like to get a nice PROMO CODE for the Ranger, check the end of this post –

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