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What is Before You Roll?

Before You Roll is a blog for all TTRPG lovers out there, who are looking for inspiration, new ideas, mechanics and stories to enrich their own work or games. In this early stage, the blog will concentrate mostly on Dungeon & Dragons Fifth Edition, but I intend to dig deeper into Legends of Five Rings, Call of Cthulhu and Cyberpunk (2020 and Red) as well.

Feel free to use any of my work in your own campaigns. Remember that everything here is open for adjustments and improvement so that you and your friends have the best time. 

There are several categories of content you can follow:

If you use any of my work, I would love to hear from you how was it and what is your feedback! You can leave a comment or write an e-mail. I also have a Twitter account and Facebook account, so feel free to contact me there.  

Who am I?

I’m Jakub. I’m most likely a geek just like you, who loves writing and narrative in every medium and form possible. Thou I have a very short history with TTRPG, it seem, it is what I was looking for my whole life. Finally I have an opportunity to delve into the world of fantasy and stories, write and interact with other people. The magic of TTRPG is that you can see the impact of your story on the faces of the players right away!

By day, I am working in business and marketing environment, by night (and weekends!) I DM several Dungeon & Dragons campaigns, create my own homebrew stuff and write stories. For the last couple of months, this Before You Roll became my new project. I hope to publish some really cool ideas and designs here, so you may all enjoy it.

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