Before You Roll Newsletter

Below you can find the form and the most important info about the Before You Roll newsletter and what I plan to do with it. If you’re not sure what Before You Roll is, check this page.

    Why subscribe to the newsletter?

    It’s really important to stay in touch with all of you, share my work and build relationship with each and every one of you. Nowadays newsletters are the absolute best to stay in touch with people interested in your work, since the bypass any kind of algorithms. There is no chance for me to compete with big creator and companies how dominate the social media landscape, so being able to directly reach you is super important to me.

    I love designing for D&D, share my experience and knowledge with you, so being able to reach will also help me validate the content I create.

    What will be published in this newsletter?

    I will write to you once or twice a months with blog updates, new designs, useful links and tips for DMs and D&D players. I also plan to send my subscribers exclusive content, before it will be official published.

    There is no plan on sponsored content, spamming, etc. I want you to feel that if you get an e-mail from me, it will be worth reading and checking out.

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