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Character art commissions are coming to Before You Roll! For the last few months my friends and I had a lot of talks about their artwork and how amazing it is to share a visual representation of the characters we create, play and live with.

We want to share the art with wider audience, tell our little stories through illustrations, 3d models, printed miniatures and a little bit of storytelling flavor. Apart from that, we want to give the same joy to others, by creating custom artwork, based on their character, hence the character art commissions.

What kind of character art can you expect?

We want to be very transparent and straightforward with what you can expect from the commission. Our main focus is on stylized illustrations and printable 3d models. We strongly suggest to check our Instagram account, where we share our work and creation process.

An example of illustration.

Most of the time, we start with concept art based on your character and their description. Knowing that D&D characters can have a lot of details, knick-knacks and tools, we try to represent the character in the most efficient way, without overwhelming it with too much.

Based on the illustration, we can turn the character into 3d model for you to print it out. We always do a test printing, so we are sure, that the model works and can give you an amazing, full experience at your table!

An example of 3d model.

Types of commissions

Art type
Illustration full body digital + print ready
3d model bust render
3d model full body render
3d model full body print version
Types of commissions

All of the types get a free D&D Beyond avatar and printable portrait for paper character sheet.

How long do you have to wait for commission?

Typically, if we can share information without issues, it can take 1-2 weeks, depending on our current situation. You will always be notified about the timetable and deadlines!

If in some situations we know that I could take some more time, we will let you know.

When and how do I pay for my character art commissions?

You always pay after seeing the commission is done, but before we send you the full product.

We have a Paypal account on which we accept the payment.

How much will I pay?

As for now we try to be very flexible and create as much projects as we can, so the prices can be changing. We will inform you about the price as soon as we get an idea of what you need and would like us to create. Since some work can vary depending on size, number of details, etc., the price can be lower or higher.

Once you are informed about the price, it will not be changed throughout the project. The only exception is, when we both agree to adjust or change the project.

Who are the artists behind commissions?

Two fantastic, talented artists Kasia and Martyna are behind the art commissions.

Kasia studies on Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, mastering her love and passion for small detailed, digital and hand-made illustrations. Her distinctive style and creativity brings life to each and every character she illustrates.
You can check her art on a personal Instagram or all the illustrations on our Before You Roll account.

Martyna is a professional UX/UI designer, but she does that only as a break from being a total n-e-r-d. She graduated as a graphic designer with 3d/game design major, by creating a her own D&D game-ready character in 3D. She can bring your character to live by sculpting it in 3d and preparing for a 3d printing.
You can browse her work on Artstation, Behance and Instagram.

How can I order my D&D character art?

Before you order, we would like to hear more about what you expect from the character art commission and what you need. This will gives us better perspective on how much work the project would need and what would be the process of creating it.

It is the best to contact us via our e-mail art@beforeyouroll.com.

How does the creation process looks like?

Character art commissions start with briefing you via email. We want to know what do you expect, what kind of character would you like us to create and where are you going to use your character.

After the briefing you receive a pricing from us and upon agreement we start our work.

In about a week you get a first sketch or concept art. This is a moment when we can still change some aspects of the commission and adjust your character. After this stage we proceed to final step, creating the full product.

Once we are done, you will receive a preview of the work. Now you can claim your commission by paying through Paypal. Upon confirmation, we send you the full product, ready to use.

Are you ready to order your commission?

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